Ensuring Caribou Futures

Nîkanêse Wah tzee is an Indigenous-led society dedicated to the recovery of the Klinse-Za mountain caribou and the restoration of their habitat.

Two caribou stepping out of the treeline

138 caribou

now exist because of Indigenous recovery efforts (the population is up from 36 caribou in 2013).


7,900 km2

has been secured with a landmark conservation agreement to provide habitat security for the caribou.


11% restored

to-date of the total linear features required to produce a secure landscape for caribou

who we are

We are a partnership committed to the recovery of Klinse-Za mountain caribou and restoration of their habitat through Indigenous-led recovery efforts

Caribou peering behind
people caring for a baby caribou

West Moberly First Nation

a Dunne-Za nation whose deep cultural and historical ties to the land, as well as their dedicated stewardship efforts, position them as vital contributors to local conservation initiatives.

Visit westmo.org

Saulteau First Nation

a Dunne Za, Nehiyaw, and Anishabe community, recognized for their invaluable traditional ecological knowledge and active participation in environmental preservation and restoration projects.

Visit saulteau.com

Wildlife Infometrics

a Canadian environmental consulting firm that specializes in wildlife ecology, offering expertise in research, monitoring, and management strategies to preserve and enhance biodiversity.

Visit wildlifeinfometrics.com

Biodiversity Pathways

a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity, operating through a combination of scientific research, braiding of knowledge systems, and community engagement to help safeguard ecosystems and their inhabitant species.

Visit biodiversitypathways.ca

What we do

With a hands-on approach, Nîkanêse Wah tzee is increasing the caribou population and restoring the landscape to sustain caribou once again

Maternal Pen Icon

Maternal pen

Indigenous Guardians keep adult female and their calves safe during a crucial time.

Land Agreements Icon

Land agreements

Ensuring landscapes are conserved for people, wildlife, and the time-honoured relationship between them.

Predators Icon

Reduction of predators

Reducing unsustainable predation on caribou by reducing predator densities through Indigenous-led trapping and a provincial aerial program.

Restoration Icon

Restoration efforts

Healing the land from past extractive activities to make caribou habitat whole again.


We’re continually working towards a sustainable future for the Klinse-za caribou through recovery and restoration efforts

Recovering caribou takes a dedicated team, community support, and a long-term vision. We are working to avert the extirpation of these caribou while restoring their habitat so their long-term future is secure

a stream running through the earth
a tagged caribou

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